Meet Devin Robinson of Urban Business Lending Group, One of Few Nationally Certified Business Loan Brokers

[ad_1] Entrepreneur Devin Robinson launched Urban Business Lending Group in January of this year, becoming one of the few certified business loan brokers nationally, according to Since opening its doors, the company disbursed almost $2 million in seed funding for new entrepreneurs, primarily from black communities. When asked his …

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Hawkefest: Three Things You Should Learn from Hawke Media About Running a Successful Event

[ad_1] We recently returned from Hollywood, California after attending a very unique, world-class event put on by Hawke Media that brings together c-level executives from all sorts of e-commerce and leading brands like Facebook, True Religion, and up-and-coming startups. The event wasn’t held in a stuffy conference room or hotel, …

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How to Improve Employee Communication Worldwide

[ad_1] An effective system of communication ensures two key objectives. First, management communicates its vision to employees and maintains a good relationship with them. Second, communication builds team spirit among staff, improves collaboration, and prevents misunderstandings. Ultimately, any company can meet its business goals through effective communication. The following tips …

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